The Museum

Panorama of History & Universe in Sudan

The Architecture Design of The Museum is considered to have a new design taste. The idea of the Museum came by IHCG, helping Sudan for development. IHCG provide land selection, studies of project components, Urban and Master Planning.

A giant historic city on 2 million sq.m, gathering in one place various museums telling the story of the origin of the universe & relating it to the development of ancient human civilizations over thousands of years BC, all the way into the modern era encompassing all elements required to establish a civilized society. It also includes varieties of museums like Earth, Human, Plants, and Effects Museum, etc. It will cover all elements that serve the community.

Project Components
– Different Museums from Different Eras
– Different Gardens (Animals – Marine Organisms – Plants)
– Different Restaurants
– Mosque                            – Hotels
– Health Centers                – Commercial Markets
– Open-Air Halls                 – Conferences Halls
– River Stations                  – Industrial Rivers
– Residential Area              – Airport

Sudan Government
Khartoum, Sudan
Conceptual Design
Planning and Studies Master Planning