That’s why quality of healthcare facilities comes in the 1st place to IHCG.
Healthcare facilities is main basic essential human service that requires certain and specialized considerations in both the design and operation. The fundamental need in healthcare facilities in the 21st Century is the necessity of imparting therapeutic or “healing value” through the design and Engineering services, which requires a thorough grasp of the needs, safety, and expectations of patients, residents, and staff, as well as the purpose and practices of the healthcare facility.
IHCG understands the specific nature, requirements & the rapid developing sciences/ technologies of the healing & healthcare facilities. Our healthcare experts collaborate with clients and stakeholders to conquer the complex challenges inherent in any healthcare project and bring about a state-of-the-art healthcare facility design, in order to enhance patient health outcomes & raise patient/staff satisfaction.

IHCG is committed to the quality of every step of the way, driving innovation to achieve the timely, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of programs. IHCG is considered an expert in providing full engineering consultancy services for healthcare facilities among the four international healthcare levels which are:

  • Primary Healthcare levelfor facilities that does not include patients\procedures that undergo full anesthesia, does not include surgical or intensive care services. This level of building is commonly a stabilization facility for the patient until his transfer to a secondary facility.
  • Secondary Healthcare levelfor hospital buildings including full anesthesia services, this level shall include all the inpatient care services as surgical theatres, ICU, CCU, CSSD, Imaging, ER and others.
  • Tertiary Healthcare levelfor specialized hospital or large bed capacity general hospital, where specific specialized medical procedures shall be found.
  • Quaternary Healthcare levelcommonly known as medical cities, which is a regional service while a total solution fully provided service campus of facilities shall be provided.

We’re experts in designing, delivering healthcare facilities design complete planning \ engineering consultancy services. Healthcare facilities department services include but not limited to;

  • Healthcare Planning
  • Healthcare Architecture
  • Bio Medical Engineering
  • Structure \ MEP Engineering
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